Showcasing new fashion in an original way
Digital Fashion Week commissioned Arcade to drive social media engagement through Google+ in this unique take on the 'traditional' fashion show.
Fashion week - live & online - outfits available to pre-order

DFW’s G+ page and YouTube channel were integrated with the DFW website. The event was promoted through networking sites with G+’s & YouTube promotions, with call-to-actions seeded on other social media networks. Hangouts, hosted by popular bloggers & stylists, connected people with celebrities and designers.
Seeing the latest collections in real-time

The entire event was attended by 450 fashion influencers and was streamed live on DFW’s YouTube Channel. The Google+ page gathered 50,000 followers in 2 weeks prior to the event. 32,000 Viewers saw the live stream on YouTube and the Hangouts on Air witnessed 21,000 viewers via DFW’s Google+ page.