Mark Taylor
Founder / CCO
We nurture close, enduring relationships
Creativity is key to great client relationships. The best results come when clients work directly with creative people. However big the brand or the job, only a few key people really influence these results. So, the fewer people in the process, the better.

Meet the Arcadians!
Gary Tranter
Founder / CCO
Matt Cullen
Founder / CCO
Aldo Hutomo
Executive Creative Director
Alfa Aphrodita
Chief Creative Channel Planner Officer
Arianna Christanti
Office Manager
Darma Adhitia
Head of Design
Gary Caulfield
Katherine Soumanesha
Associate Finance Director
Patrick Gerard van Diest
Senior Web Designer
Agus Trianto
FA Artist
Sari Permata
Administration Assistant
Derry Rinaldi
Associate Account Manager
Ryan Sebastian
Junior Art Director
Arki Telaumbanua
Junior Copywriter
Afif Azis Rochmala
IT Support
Ratna Wati
Project Manager
Diah Setyowati
Mira Achari
Sr. Account Executive
Iqbal Maulana
Jr. Account Executive
Evita Rusad
General Manager
Renno Karnensa
Digital Media Manager
Emilia Solichin
General Manager
Ekki Setiawan
Art Director
Ryan Dwiyanto
Graphic Designer
Nindya Rachmi
Junior Account Executive
Fany Tanjung
Account Director
Jody Ridwan
Social Media Executive
Yosephin Limbong
Jr. Account Executive
Stella Fennicia
Jr Account Executive
Rio Kriswanto
Creative Technologist
Fachri Mumpuni
Art Director
Hestisarah Damba
Raditia Rahmat
Khilfan Khabriyan
Graphic Designer
Ruth Amanda
Account Executive